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9 Jul

Blog Moving Day!

Blog Post

Posted by: Neil Wilson

Hello Again!

For those of you that looked forward to an informative blog on mortgages in BC and wondered why the one I was posting stopped—read on!

I’ve decided that I will be using this location— my Dominion Lending Centres home at for blogs going forward.

I hope this works for you too!

Reasons for moving:

I was having problems with the email address of – some emails that clients sent were not making it to my inbox—apologies to those clients—if you emailed me with no response—that email address was the likely cause—I do answer all emails I receive.

Dominion Lending has now allowed the individual Brokers to manage their own WordPress website. The big reason I had the other website/address was so I could personalize it. Now I can do that inside Dominion Lending website. So why have two websites?

The website name: is much simpler than and is easier to remember.

The email address is also easier for clients to type and remember.

And lastly the amount of time I have had to devote to the blog posting has diminished as I’ve become busier so moving to Dominion Lending reduces the time I have to “keep the site up”. I’m  provided with all sorts of extras on this site —calculators, online applications, videos and even language translation—these features are all kept up-to-date on the website without me lifting a finger.

Email address change:

Please address all emails that are mortgage related— to me with the address: —please remove the email address from your address book.

As for the email address—I’m still using that but for my non-mortgage activities – personal emails etc. so for mortgage related issues please use – for thanks!

Next blog subject:

This coming Wednesday, July 11th the Bank of Canada meets again to decide if there will be a rate increase. My next blog will address concerns clients and potential clients may have with interest rate increases.